Ubun2Tech – Battery-Powered Utility Trailer.

uYilo Kick Start funding from 2017 resulted in an off-road, battery-powered utility trailer, the ReLink. This project was a successful collaboration between Ubun2tech and eNtsa that, in just six months, resulted in the creation of a powered trailer to complement an electric quad bike.

As a proof of concept, with planned integration into a larger off-grid energy project encouraging improved self-sufficiency in rural communities, the ReLink trailer, powered by the latest generation smart 8kWh LiFeYPO4 (Lithium ion Yitrate Phosphate) battery pack, enables an electric-power quad bike to handle terrain and loads outside of the ability of a standard quad.

Where a quad bike pulling an unpowered trailer would face reduced range and struggle under load as the terrain conditions deteriorated, a powered trailer provides its own motion, radically reducing the load on the quad, limiting range impact and allowing for more work to be accomplished in tougher terrain.

It is this capability that the prototype Re-Link trailer will prove as it is initially utilised in the Tsitsikamma forestry area to assist in the clearing of alien vegetation.

While there is a physical connection between trailer and quad, this is rather for direction than propulsion. When the mechanical connection is disengaged, the electrical connection provides the relevant signals that the trailer will respond the same as previously.

IET Technologies – Electro-Mobility and Residential Storage Integration
A prototype integrated system with solar and battery pack paralleled between static and mobile storage

Intelligent Machines – Induction Motors and Controllers for Kinetic Energy Recovery System
Design and prototype 400V, 800Nm induction motors and controllers for Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems to achieve fuel consumption and emissions reduction in heavy vehicles

Microcare – 50kW Three-Phase DC EV Fast Charger
Development of a locally designed and manufactured 50kW DC Fast Charger compatible with CHAdeMO and CCS standards