X-ray fluorescence testing (elemental composition)

uYilo will send qualified and competent personnel to your premises to perform on-site alloy identification, or on-site elemental composition testing, of your materials. X-ray fluorescence can determine the presence of a wide range of elements, from magnesium to uranium (on the periodic table). This is a non-destructive test, providing results in just a few seconds.

Based on elements and not compounds, X-ray fluorescence testing ensures confidence in material quality by confirming its composition. For example, it will determine the composition of a steel component to confirm it is of the required standard to function as expected.

X-ray fluorescence determines the elemental composition of materials, as well as the estimated quantity of each these elements contained within the material.

A range of materials can be tested based on our instrument calibration, including steels, metals, mineralogical samples, plastics, to name a few. Alloys can be positively identified via an on-board library for alloy grade identification. Precious metals, such as gold, platinum and other rare materials can readily be detected in materials. Geological testing will determine the elemental composition of soils and other geological materials. The restricted materials mode of the instrument is particularly useful when determining restricted elements or substances of concern, such as mercury, arsenic, bromine, cadmium, chromium and lead. This also works for establishing the regulated materials contained in plastics.

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X-ray fluorescence testing

X-ray fluorescence testing

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