X-RAY FLUORESCENCE (elemental composition)

X-ray fluorescence determines the elemental composition of materials, as well as the quantity of each these elements.
The Bruker S1 Titan is a handheld instrument that can determine the presence of elements from magnesium to uranium. The instrument provides analyses of a range of materials such as metals, alloys, soil and plastics. This is a non-destructive test providing results in a few seconds.
The mode of selection is dependant on the material to be analysed:
  • Alloys mode – identification of metal or alloys (On-board alloy library for alloy grade identification)
  • Precious metals mode – determines purity of alloys of gold and platinum to name but a few
  • GeoChem mode – determines soil and powder materials for elemental composition
  • Restricted materials mode – determines amount of restricted elements or substances of concern (SOC) such as mercury, arsenic, bromine, cadmium, chromium and lead in materials
A stand can be used on a standard laboratory benchtop where samples can be placed to be analysed when not being used in the field.