South African Automotive Week 2014

ELECTRIC VEHICLES IN SOUTH AFRICA WORKSHOP – South African Automotive Week October 2014

The Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is gaining traction worldwide, fuelled by climate changes, dwindling fossil fuel reserves and need for effective communication modes. The EV is no longer a science project and commercial viability has been proven by the likes of Nissan and Tesla. These new technologies bring a unique set of challenges and opportunities, as they live in a complex ecosystem that brings together the traditional Automotive Industry, Energy and ITS to create an intelligent transport system. EVs (and Plugin Hybrids) have already arrived in South Africa and should be embraced as an alternate mobility paradigm.

The EV workshop will explore the implication of introduction of EVs in South Africa by focusing on:

  • The case for EVs and progress made thus far.
  • Development of a charging network.
  • Legislative and policy framework reforms required.
  • Government support.

The workshop will be hosted by industry experts from Vehicle OEMs, Charge Network Technology Providers, Financiers and Government that are at the coal face (or is that the electron) of the development of this fledgling industry.

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