Call for Proposals – uYilo Kick Start Fund

The uYilo eMobility Programme invites qualifying projects to submit proposals to the uYilo “Kick Start” fund. The uYilo Kick Start fund is established to support electric mobility (eMobility) related projects by providing an agile mechanism (approval within 3 months) to fund applied research and development to a maximum of:

(i) R500,000 (including VAT) per project for individual projects (one participant), and

(ii) R1,000,000 (including VAT) per project for collaborative projects (multiple participants).

For collaborative projects matched (50:50) co-funding is required.

The grant funding is focused on applied research that will accelerate Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) and lead to the creation of products, process or services that can be commercialised to advance the South African eMobility industry. The funding aims to fast-track the development processes for those projects that currently cannot attract funding from other funding mechanisms but are of strategic importance. Successful projects will have to demonstrate the intent to further develop and commercialise the technology. This call is open to all participants in the eMobility innovation value chain including higher education institutions, science councils, industry and entrepreneurs. Priority will be given to projects that,

(i) have established research in uYilo’s strategic focus areas:
Energy Storage Technologies;
Electric Vehicle Systems;
Charging Infrastructure within Smart-Grids;
Connected Car, and/or

(ii) industry projects that will lead to, local manufacturing of a product or, delivery of a service, or support public transportation.

Funding for this financial year (2018/19) is limited and uYilo will prioritise applications in these areas according to a pre-approved adjudication criteria outlined in the application guide. Applicants are additionally advised to complement past kick start funded projects and support collaborative projects towards an inclusive eco-system.

Supporting guideline documents and application form is available on the adjacent, right side of this web page.

Final proposals must be submitted via email to with the subject “Call for Proposals – uYilo Kick Start Fund”.

For any additional information, kindly email


Golden Arrow Electric Bus Golden Arrow Bus Services – Electric bus public transport feasibility
Detailed feasibility and pilot with electric bus operations to guide South African public transportation.
Lattech system Lattech Systems – Electric vehicle focussed vehicle telematics unit
Development of an electric vehicle focussed telematics unit that is CAN-Bus connected and over-the-air manageable.
Manganese Metal Company – Manganese sulphate feasibility
Economically feasible process route determination for the production of high purity manganese
sulphate from South African ore.
Battery Power Industries – 18650 Cylindrical cell battery pack module
Design and development of 18650 cell based battery module for use in battery powered mining vehicles.
EV BackOffice (QBSoft) – Electric Vehicle charge point backoffice system
A fully integrated electric vehicle charge point backoffice management system for remote management, reporting, monitoring and diagnostics of electric vehicle charge points.
Intelligent Machines – Induction motor and controller for Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems
Design and prototyping induction motor and controller for kinetic energy recovery systems in heavy vehicles.
Microcare – 50kW three-phase DC fast charger for electric vehicles
Development of a locally designed and manufactured 50kW DC Fast Charger compatible with CHAdeMO and CCS-2 standards.
Ubun2Tech – Four-wheeled electrically powered trailer and electric quad
A battery-powered off-road electric trailer daisy-chained to an off-road electric quad vehicle utilised for rural agricultural environments.
EWIZZ – Development of core electric vehicle management system
Hardware and Software development of an onboard system that monitors, integrates and manages local electric vehicle system components, with a cloud server application for analysis, alerting and reporting.
MLT Inverters – Karoo70 for second life EV battery applications
Hardware and Software development for the MLT Karoo70 hybrid inverter for use cases with high-voltage, CAN bus enabled, electric vehicle battery packs within second-life.
PowerMote – 4×4 utility vehicle
Two motor variant (permanent magnet and high frequency induction motor) drive system on a 4×4 electric vehicle with integrated with range extender and solar charger.
Stellenbosch University and MellowCabs – Intelligent Battery Management System, Charger, Drive System
Local value-added technology development of 48V Battery Management System, 1.5kW AC charger and 5kW Brushless DC motor controller for the MellowCab.
GridCars – Charge Point and Server (OCCP)
AC charge point and server development to the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP).
PowerMote – Utility vehicle motor and controller
Prototype development of a synchronous reluctance motor and power electronics controller drive system for electric vehicles.
University of Western Cape – Lithium-ion battery pack
Development of a prototype electric vehicle lithium-ion battery pack with cell integration and battery management.