MFI – Melt Flow Indexing of thermoplasts

Melt flow indexing (MFI) is a technique used to measure the viscosity or ability of a polymer to flow under pressure through a fixed-size aperture when in a molten state.

When a supplier provides material for your production process, their product claims can be verified for accuracy and quality control. Should you be unsure of the polymer, uYilo’s Material Characterisation Services can implement alternate techniques in order to solve the mystery.

In MFI testing the sample is heated and the melted material flows from the heating chamber and through the aperture, with measurement taking place at this stage – melt time, temperature, weight used and aperture determined by specific standards, such as ISO 1133. Measurement is determined by the rate of sample melt per 10 minutes (g/10min).

The MFI test is accepted and used widely among the various segments of the plastics industry (injection moulding, resin production, extrusions), and is a key test for producing, recycling or converting plastic material.

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Melt Flow Indexing (MFI)

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Melt Flow Indexing (MFI)