Global Sustainable Mobility Partnership – GSMP

The Global Sustainable Mobility Partnership (GSMP) is a network of independent, not-for-profit expert organisations in the USA, UK, Europe and South Africa with extensive, practical and real-world experience in supporting the delivery of low emission mobility programmes. GSMP’s mission is to support international agencies, governments, regions and cities in decarbonising mobility, bringing global expertise and knowledge to you across the planet.

Recent experience includes:

  • Advising the International Zero Emission Vehicle Alliance representing 18 Governments on common barriers to EV charging and recommending policy solutions for COP26
  • Supporting the World Bank in developing zero emission last mile passenger options in Rwanda
  • Advising the Indian Government, with support from the UK Foreign and Development Office on electric vehicles and charging infrastructure
  • Capacity development for South African government departments, agencies and entities across electric road transport and charging infrastructure


  • Policy advice to Regions, Governments and Cities on delivering zero emission mobility
  • Equity and inclusion in delivering zero emission mobility
  • Electric vehicle infrastructure strategy and delivery support
  • Micro mobility advice and support
  • Hydrogen vehicle and refuelling infrastructure advice and support
  • Zero emission bus business case and infrastructure advice
  • Multi modal mobility integration hubs


GSMP partners have been lowering emissions from transport and enabling mobility solutions with over 20 years combined experience. As we journey down the road to global net zero by 2050, the solutions present opportunities to reduce pollution, congestion and costs for all.

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United Kingdom:

Lowering your emissions through innovation in transport and energy infrastructure.

Cenex NL

Driving mobility towards a smart and clean tomorrow.

United States:

Accelerating smart transportation to move people and goods in a more efficient, cleaner, and equitable way.

South Africa:
uYilo e-Mobility Programme

Enabling, facilitating and mobilising electric mobility in South Africa.