Smart Grid for electric vehicles

There is a wide set of infrastructure to support electric vehicles that exists beyond the vehicle itself. These technologies include energy (renewables and storage), charging infrastructure, charge point operators, network communications and telematic services.

The uYilo micro grid provides a ‘Live Testing Environment’ for the ecosystem of technologies to enable universal functionality between electric vehicles and the smart grid infrastructure. The facility also provides important insights into electric vehicle usage profiles and energy requirements, as well as providing key information for all stakeholders including utility and municipalities, energy companies, vehicle manufacturers, component manufacturers on energy management and optimizing electric vehicle charging.

uYilo’s smart micro-grid facility includes solar generation, storage through second-life electric vehicle battery packs, a network of AC charge points, DC fast charge points and Vehicle-to-Grid. Renewable energy is supplied to the electric vehicle charging network and is dynamically managed through an Energy Management System which additionally provides individual charger energy management. Energy storage is achieved through repurposed electric vehicle battery packs within their second-life and applied into stationary storage. The smart grid network is aligned to protocols such as IEC 61850 and OCPP in supporting global and local standards harmonisation. This electric vehicle charging hub supports charging of electric vehicles using Type 2, CHAdeMO and CCS connectors as aligned to the South African National Standard.

The facility also allows incubation of technologies to the further market development of the technology ecosystem while also managing universal inter-operability of various manufacturers and service providers. We provide value-add support obtained through local demonstration and analysis of electric vehicle technologies to assist with the expansion of the local market and infrastructure for electric vehicles.


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Electric vehicle charging locations in South Africa